Academic Projects

  • 5Growth

    The 5Growth project empowers vertical industries by proposing an end-to-end solutions supported by slicing and virtualisation techniques.


    The main objective of 5GCONTACT project is the development of flexible and optimised solutions for 5G networks, using slicing mechanisms in fixed, mobile and wireless networks, for optimising the network in smart assisted living scenarios.

  • Mobilizador 5G

    The Mobilizador 5G is a national project that aims the integration and validation of products for 5G networks.

  • SOCA

    The SOCA project focuses on the sensing of individuals considering their physical context enabling personalized and predictive responses.


    The 5GCONFIG (Convergent Core Architecture for Next Generation Networks) is an international project that aimed to add a degree of flexibility to 5G networks through its modularisation allowing the tailoring of the network to be oriented to vertical scenarios.

  • AMazING

    The AMazING (Advanced Mobile wIreless Network playGround) is an IT internal project that developed an outdoor wireless testbed.

  • IM3W

    The IM3W (Integração e Mobilidade em Redes 3GPP-Wifi) studied aspects that allow the transparent utilisation of a Wi-Fi network as if it was a native access network belonging to (E-)UTRAN.